BLAST Results In A Map- BLAST Results In A Map


In order to use BRIAM you should have installed the BLAST program, that can be freely download at NCBI's ftp server. You need Perl 5 or better too. And, by this time, you need MySQL. All these are freely available for all community.
Some Perl modules are needed too,

  • Bioperl 0.7.1 to deal with many bioinformatic stuff.

  • GD creation of graphics.

  • DBI interface to establish connection with databases (MySQL).

All Perl modules can be download at CPAN.


About the plaform,
If you are experienced with all these software you may know that you can port BRIAM for almost any plataform. But I'm a Linux developer so, if you want to port BRIAM to another plataform you are very welcome to join the project. Until someone port BRIAM, BRIAM will be designed for Linux.